CBX Cloud PLM offers a complete platform for designing and developing private label and branded merchandise with speed and quality. CBX Cloud PLM empowers design and development teams to work efficiently from ideation to design, specification and quality assurance.


Retailers and brands are under increased pressure to bring products to market faster than ever before. The old school approach of relying on emails, spreadsheets and file sharing to specify and organize potentially hundreds of products in a season has proven neither sustainable nor scalable. Designers, buyers and merchandisers are demanding simpler and more efficient tools to do their jobs.


CBX Cloud PLM offers best-in-class functionality to streamline the product development cycle. Our solution enables designers, buyers and merchandisers to efficiently create, communicate, share and track products from concept and design through sample review and approvals.

CBX Cloud PLM’s Line Sheet offers buyers and merchandisers a quick and user-friendly interface to capture product assortments and communicate requirements to team members to design, develop and source products. With connectors to Adobe Illustrator and popular 3D design tools such as Browzwear VSticher and Lotta 3D, CBX Cloud PLM’s specification module enables designers to quickly generate product specifications. Technical designers can further leverage CBX Cloud PLM’s built-in utilities to create artworks and packaging. CBX Cloud PLM even helps designers generate beautiful line boards to showcase design candidates.


The system’s Critical Path Management engine ensures that every step of product development is monitored and tracked and everybody in the organization can stay on top of the development plan with the most up-to-date information.


CBX Cloud PLM’s time-saving features free designers to do what they do best: design.

CBX Cloud PLM highlights:

  • A central product library to store product information and make it visible to everybody
  • Line sheets to collaborate and track designs and developments against plans
  • Calendar and task management for coordinating and tracking activities in season
  • Presentation boards to showcase products for review
  • Interactive commenting facilitates collaboration between team members
  • Approval routing to streamline approvals
  • An integrated 3D model viewer
  • Native Adobe Illustrator and 3D software plugins allow designers to access key data from CBX Cloud PLM from within their preferred tools
  • A simple web-based interface that's accessible across the globe

Product Line Development

  • Generate product placeholders from a merchandise plan manually via spreadsheet upload or automatically through integration to your planning system
  • Create line sheets and line presentation boards
  • Create product and colorway candidates for a line
  • Carry over products from previous seasons
  • Track and share statuses
  • Interactive commenting between designers, buyers and merchandisers

Product Specifications Management

  • Create product specifications with images, bill of materials, measurements and construction and packaging details
  • Standardize points of measure and graded measurements for apparel
  • Export to printer-friendly PDF format
  • Quickly import specifications from other items
  • Capture and update specification information directly from within Adobe Illustrator and 3D software
  • Adopt specifications from supplier submitted design
  • Define different specifications by season for the same item

Color Library and Management

  • Manage colors in a central library
  • Easily review and approve color
  • Group colors into seasonal palettes
  • Associate colors to materials and suppliers
  • Track “where-used” for colors
  • Apply colors to product styles
  • 2-way color integration with Adobe Illustrator and 3D software

Material Library and Management

  • Manage materials (including trims, components and packaging material) in a central library
  • Create material specifications
  • Store supplier-specific material attributes and costs
  • Track “where-used” for materials
  • Two-way material library integration with Adobe Illustrator and 3D software

Sourcing and Quality Management

  • Easily track RFQs and compare quotes
  • Track sample requests, reviews and assessments

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